Track light camera
Sleek bullet or track light cameras blend in with professional corporate environments.

How "secure" are you with your existing alarm system?

How do you know that your system is armed when you are not open?

How do you know if your business is open on time when you are not there?

Do you know who is accessing your business when it is closed?

Bright Security Group can answer all of these questions and more. Our security professionals will assess your current system AND your future security needs.

HID Proximity Card Reader
HID Proximity Card Reader
  • Access Control

  • Know who is in your facility and when
  • Track movement within your building(s)
  • Easily identify employees and visitors
  • Save money on locks and keys
  • Protect your people
  • Protect your vital information
Access Control Panel and Readers
Access Control Panel and Readers
  • Access Control systems protect equipment, inventory, intellectual property (information) and people by controlling employee and visitor access to certain areas of your building or campus.
  • Featuring Access Control Systems by:

Flush mount dome camera.
Flush mount dome camera.
  • Closed Circuit TV

  • Deter shoplifting
  • Protect your inventory
  • Curtail vandalism
  • Increase productivity
  • See who is entering your business
  • On-site and remote viewing capabilities
  • Closed circuit camera surveillance will help protect your business from shoplifting, employee theft, vandalism and other crimes.

Fixed dome camera.
Fixed dome camera.
  • Digital Video Management

  • Eliminate tape hassles
  • Retrieve video clips instantly by time, date, camera or motion
  • Share video clips with law enforcement or others quickly and easily
  • Sharp images time after time
  • Digital video can be integrated into your network. This means that you can view the live and recorded images from any or all of your networked computers.
  • Featuring Closed Circuit TV and Digital Video Recorders by:

Honeywell Control Panel and Keypads
  • Intrusion Detection

  • Keep the bad guys out
  • Protect your property
  • Designed to prevent false alarms
  • Satisfy your insurance company's requirements
  • Integrated security is achieved when intrusion detection, access control and CCTV systems are interconnected and coordinated. This technique provides greater effectiveness and control with all systems involved.
  • Featuring Intrusion Detection Systems by: